Saturday, May 17, 2008


Here are the official pictures of Bryan's Hole-in-One. Taken on an iphone- impressive don't you think?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Life Update

Well, it seems a lot has happened since I last posted. If you follow any of the same blogs that I do (my mother, my sister, Amber...) you have probably already read about most of these events. But I thought I should still contribute my update, so here goes...

Three weekends ago, our dear friends Ryan and Amber came to visit us:

We love them so much! While they were here Bryan and Ryan went together to the bike store and picked out Bryan's new road bike (aka, Graduation Present from Everyone). Many thanks to all who contributed to this great present! Here he is on his new bike...

And sporting his fancy new clip-in shoes... The weekend after that, our dear Irvings came to visit us. We had a wonderful time with them as well, going to the zoo, PFChangs, and just spending time hanging out. Here are Brad and Carolyn checking out the monkeys at the zoo:

Ashlee, Hannah, and Meggan also came to the zoo with us, and here is what Hannah thought of the monkeys:While we were all out at the zoo Bryan was at the Loyola golf scramble with Aaron and Chris- and he got a HOLE IN ONE! Even not being a golfer myself I was able to grasp that this is an extremely significant moment in the life of a golfer. And it didn't hurt that his hole-in-one came on a hole that was sponsored by Dell, leading to a free computer for us!

Here is a shot of Bryan holding his hole-in-one-ball:

This past week we had one more major event happen, but that one I believe is deserving of its own post... see below....

Bryan Scheffers, DPT

It's official- Bryan is a graduate! School's out! WOohoo!

We had both sets of parents and one set of grandparents able to come in to watch him graduate from physical therapy school on Thursday. We had such a great time seeing all of them. Most of my pictures from the actual ceremony are terrible, but here Bryan is waiting to graduate:

And here he is getting hooded:He's officially a Doctor of Physical Therapy now! I'm so proud!

After the ceremony we all had a wonderful dinner out at Tuscany. What a fun celebration to have with our families!