Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lunch with Neighbors

Today we had a wonderful Christmas Brunch with our neighbors, Flinns & Paces.

Hannah had a great time playing with Uncle Chris and Uncle Bryan: And little Abby was precious as always:Here are the girls (minus Hannah):
Not sure why we don't have a group shot of the boys, including Aaron who is somehow missing from these pictures, but they were all there. We had a wonderful time, and are so grateful for our friends!
Too bad we couldn't all bundle up like Abby for the ride home! Snug as a bug!

Our Back Room

This is the futon in our back room- where, in theory, You would stay if you ever came to visit us. The only challenge with our "guest room" is that it is currently 28 degrees back there. (this picture was taken this morning when it was only 30 degrees, but it has, amazingly, gotten colder since then.)

Check back this summer for reports of the unbearably hot temperatures August brings to that little room.

Lacking both heat and air conditioning, this is clearly the most temperature-challenged zone in our house... sigh...

Home Improvement Day

Every so often we have Home Improvement Day. I Love Home Improvement Day.
The latest HID began with homemade cinnamon bread (incredibly domestic, I know!), and ended with a face-lift for our bathroom.

Bryan changed out the medicine cabinet and lights, while I shopped for a new shower curtain and towels. Before:
Even small changes can make a big difference I think!

North Pole?

This is the weather we woke up to this morning:

Maybe we live at the North Pole.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

great news

Great news- the blogging bug has finally spread to the other side of the family.

My lovely sister-in-law Kristin Scheffers joined the blogging world today, I'm so excited! She has lots of wonderful things to say- go check her out at: