Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Weekend Ever

We just got home from the best weekend ever. We decided to take a random day off just to get away, so this Friday we headed up to Lake Geneva for the night. On the way there we stopped at the outlet mall in Kenosha, WI, of course, where we spent entirely too much money- but who really cares, the deals were fabulous! Plus, this is about the only time I can get Bryan to shop with me of his own free will. Something about outlet shopping works for him, so I'm happy to oblige.

In Lake Geneva we stayed at the Mill Creek Hotel, which was wonderful- and so much cheaper than everywhere else I looked! I was kind of amazed. We had a great time eating out, going to the movies, and playing on the lake. I would have been afraid, ok more afraid, of falling through the ice, but I figured if all these SUVs were safe then disaster was maybe unlikely.
There were plenty of ice fishers out in their little shanties, and also a big sailboat race on the other side of the lake. You can't see the boats very well in this picture, but they were just flying across the lake. Apparently boats go faster on skates/skis than they do in the water...I thought this was cool looking right at the edge- the ice looks like it got just slammed into the shore!Considering stepping out... Here he goes... I call this one, Boy on Lake:Fine, I'll try it too:As it turns out, ice actually IS slippery:Not surprisingly, Bryan stayed upright more than I did:

What a great weekend!

(Sidenote, remember when I used to wear contacts? Yea, those were the days. Due to being decently scared by my opthalmologist-friend Allison about all sorts of horrible things like cornea perforation, transplants and blindness, I agreed to not wear my contacts until my corneal ulcer has completely healed. But seriously, who exactly gets corneal ulcers?! I didn't even know it was possible to get an ulcer on your eyeball. Sigh...)

February Update

So, I clearly don't blog very often. But there has been a lot happening- February was a busy month! Here is a brief update.

First we had the Superbowl, and we were joined by the Paces, Flinns, and Felkels (who somehow missed the picture-taking, sorry guys!)

Next we had Vicki's babyshower, and yes, this part would be more interesting if there were actually pictures of Vicki in it. Oops. When she starts a blog, which I'm sure she will at some point as the soon-to-be mother of twins, I'll be sure to link to her.

After that, our lives changed forever when we found out The Chew Chew, our very favorite restaurant, finally re-opened again! We have been waiting a year and a half for that to happen, and I must confess we went twice on the first weekend. Flinns and Paces joined us for our second visit, and here we all are enjoying the wonderful food and atmosphere of The Chew Chew:
The highlight of February came in the middle of the month when we got to visit our newest niece- baby Nora Kathryn. We love her tons already. Maybe her mom and dad will let her come visit us someday and we will spoil her rotten. Carolyn liked sitting in this box, and when I asked her to smile for a picture for me she said, "yes, and then I will get a jellybean!" And now we all know how her mommy gets such cute pictures out of her! haha! She's a smart one, that Carolyn :) On our way home we got to stop by cousin Elena's 7th birthday party. Those not-so-little blondies are sure getting big fast!

Another major highlight of the month was having our dearest of dearest friends, the Coxes, come stay with us for the weekend. We had a great time just hanging out together, making pancakes (of course), and watching Ryan and Amber learn about all the new baby gear that will soon become part of their life. Ryan and Amber's little one is due to arrive in June, and he or she will then join the ranks of baby Abby and Hannah as one of our pseudo-nieces (or nephew). We are so excited for them!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another new blogger

Welcome Cousin Lyndsey to the blogging world! Lyndsey is a traveling nurse, currently enjoying the wonderful February weather of Tucson, AZ. Ahhh, sunshine...