Saturday, December 29, 2007

The first time Bryan has ever shown interest in a candle...

Over Christmas we inherited another wonderful computer from my dad (thanks dad!). This computer was put on disability and retired from regular service due to a serious problem it has with shutting down without warning whenever there is static electricity. However, since Bryan has implemented his new system (touching the metal candle base every time before using the computer) there have been no further shutting down incidents. I just had to laugh. Who knew candles were so multi-purpose!


Well, I pretty much never remember to take out my camera at important family gatherings such as Christmas, but for complete coverage of the Barton side of Christmas you can visit my mother's blog or my sister's blog . Unfortunately, there are no other Scheffers blogs, so there won't be any pictures up of that Christmas, but a good time was had by all.

While in Troy we did have a chance for a quick visit with 2 of the 3 Sargents. Isn't Jeremiah precious!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lights on State Street

Every year since we moved to Chicago we have accidentally ended up downtown on the night that they have the parade for the Lighting of State Street. This year we actually went on purpose with some friends from Hope. It was beyond freezing, but we had a great time- and a great dinner at Cheesecake Factory, of course. Good times with good friends!

Somebody give this child a cookie- quick!!!

To see happier pictures of my precious niece, visit

Fun times with the Sargents

We love the Sargent family.
Could this child BE more adorable?!Whenever we go to visit, they always provide wonderful snacks...
And there is the traditional girls picture by the tree...
And a new tradition this year apparently- Kristy posing Under the tree...
What great friends! :)