Monday, February 25, 2008

This Old House

When friends come over to our house for the first time we often hear, "Wow, what a cool old house you live in! It has so much character, we just love it!". Most of the time we agree, but tonight we experienced more of the Old and less of the Cool.

Apparently somewhere in this giant building one of the Cool Old Pipes is clogged, and our kitchen sink is currently full of our upstairs neighbor's shower water. Only it's black. Soapy, but black. Gag. So, as any more showers from him will surely flood our kitchen, we got to meet our new neighbor (did I mention we had not met him yet before tonight?) by asking him to please not shower. Lovely introduction, don't you think? He'll probably pee in the shower now.

Here is Bryan, dutifully plunging the sink. Completely ineffective, but a great manly effort.

Oh, and as a sidenote, the ladybugs have decided to invade again. In February. During a snowstorm. Are they really seeking shelter or just harrassing me??? Shouldn't they be dead???

Drama, drama, drama...


Over the weekend I got to go to Texas with my mom. It had been 2 years since I last went down there to visit everyone! It was a great time of visiting, eating, chatting, driving around, and enjoying that Texas sunshine.

Here's mom and Papa looking at old slides from when they lived in Europe. This was my mom's pet project for the weekend, and I must say it was quite a success.

Aunt Nancy watching the slide-viewing.
Granny and Papa sitting together in the living room at Grace House. I like to hear him still call her babydoll!
This is my mom's "focused" face. We saw this a lot this weekend in relation to the slides.
Here is Cade's basketball game. He's quite the sportsman (#1). They didn't win this particular game, but it was fun to watch him play.

Peyton has gotten so much bigger since I last saw him over the summer! He likes to show his muscles and generally run around everywhere.

A quick moment of sitting and reading with Aunt Nancy. So precious.

Somehow there are no pictures of Uncle Jack, Kelsey, Mark or Erica from this weekend, but we had fun seeing all of them too! Hope it's not quite as long between trips this time!