Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey, we have power!!

Is it just me, or has the weather lately been just crazy? Yesterday morning we had this wild windstorm that came out of nowhere, and then left almost as quickly as it came. It was so loud and strong, I thought it was going to suck our windows out. Bryan thought this was funny, but I'm serious, it was wild. I could just see myself being sucked out and tossed onto the yard. And then suddenly regretting my choice of PJs.

Anyways, this storm (see official pictures here) actually did knock down a ton of trees in our area (the cops mentioned cleaning up 15 that morning before even coming to our street), including a giant one next door to us. That landed in the middle of the road. On a power line. It looked like this:
All day long the cops guarded the tree/power line combo. Tree-cutter companies came and went (apparently they weren't interested in working on the tree until they felt confident they would not be electrocuted by the live power lines entwined in the branches). The electric company came and went several times, always looking more bewildered than anything else. 24 hours later it looked like this:
Still no power. In addition to the no-lights and rotting-fridge annoyances, lack of power also means lack of hot water for us- so Bryan and I had to shower at the gym this morning. Gross. I despise showering at the gym. The very fact that I have to wear flip flops while showering or else I might get who-knows-what all over my feet makes me feel dirty. Not what I like to feel while showering.
Anyways, when we got home from work tonight the power was (gloriously!) back on! Hurray! We have lights, air conditioning, a cold fridge, and HOT showers again. Life is good.


Last weekend we got to watch Corey play in the regionals of the state tournament for baseball. They won the first game easily, and then unfortunately lost the 2nd game- a very sad moment. Here are some shots of Corey pitching. He actually played just about every position it seemed, but these are the only pictures I have for some reason...