Friday, July 11, 2008

Miracles.... continued?

The day has finally come- our Saturn Miracle has run out (or has it...). The Green Bean has been sold to a new home- and been replaced by a wonderful new addition, my parents' 2004 Saturn, known as Yzma. But on to the story....

Some of you may remember the last time that I wrote about car troubles we were having that were "mysteriously" healed. Our dear Saturn had come down with transmission problems, for which we were in no financial position to deal with. For no explainable reason, those transmission problems disappeared overnight, and she drove us around faithfully for the next 9 months. During that time we went from living on my income, to suddenly living on no income for a while- feeling beyond grateful that we were spared expensive car troubles during this time.

A few weeks ago, the very week that Bryan started his new job (bringing us up to 2 incomes! yay!), the Green Bean suddenly began to fall apart again. After waiting it out for a few weeks, and seeing the problems getting worse, we received final confirmation that the Green Bean was nearing the end of her life- on the very same day that we also received Bryan's first paycheck.

I asked the man at the transmission shop if there was any reason a car would have transmission problems, then stop having them for 9 months, then have them reappear suddenly. He said it didn't make any sense at all, he'd never heard of anything like it.

Interesting, eh? Cars don't typically wait to die for the exact day when it becomes affordable for their owners. It would appear that God is intent on reminding us, yet again, that He is more than capable of blessing our lives in ways that are not logically explainable...

Why do we have such a hard time remembering that?!