Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I wonder if I have too many shoes....

So, I recently decided to clean out my shoe closet. And by "clean out" I mostly mean "move all the winter shoes to the back and the summer shoes to the front." In this process I discovered that I own 36 pairs of shoes. After taking a closer look I decided I could do without 4 of those pairs, as I almost never wear them.

This leaves me with 32 pairs of shoes in circulation... and the slight feeling that this might be excessive...
Nevertheless, I'd say my chances of going all summer without buying anymore shoes are slim to none. There are worse problems to have, right?

Julie + Andrew

Last weeked we got to see my wonderful friend Julie Wiant marry Andrew Meyers in good old Holland. It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun to see her get married!

Here is the happy couple, Mr. & Mrs. Meyers, Congratulations!

Now we have matching pictures from our wedding days:

It was also great to see my dear friend Steph Post, who came in all the way from the Dominican Republic:And of course, what's a wedding without a picture with my very own someone special...