Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harbor Lights Triathlon

Last weekend Bryan did the Harbor Lights Triathlon up in Waukegan. There are no pictures of Ashlee, Hannah, and I spectating, but we were there cheering the whole way!

Here are Bryan and Aaron before the race:
Here goes Wave 2 into the water:
Here comes Bry out of the water. The nice part about this triathlon is that it's small enough that Ashlee and I can find the guys pretty easily at each point and they don't have any trouble spotting us cheering. Aaron had some trouble with his timing chip, so they weren't able to stay together very well this time, which was kind of sad, but we still got to see them both.
This picture shows Bryan asking, for the first of many times, "Where's Aaron?"

Starting the bike- Where's Aaron???
Ending the bike- Seriously, where is he???

Starting the run, still flying solo

Crossing the finish line- hurray!No worries, Aaron was close by the whole time!

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mom s said...

Great pictures. The last one is an awwwwwwe picture. Bry, Michelle and Bailey...too cute.