Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Christmas Miracle

So I hardly ever post anything on here, but I thought the story of our Christmas Miracle deserved sharing!

This past year has been full of waiting, disappointment, doctor's visits, specialists visits, testing, and infertility treatment. We hit an all time low in November, when our doctor told us that despite their best efforts, our only viable option to have a baby was IVF. This was also 1 day after learning that our insurance was drastically reducing their infertility coverage for 2010. Not the best day ever.

After 2 weeks of crying, praying, and wondering what to do, we got the surprise of our lives- a positive pregnancy test! Two weeks after that, we had our first ultrasound, and there it was- a blinking speck, aka, a beating heart!

Two more weeks, and Baby Scheffers looked like a peanut:
Six days after that, my wonderful brother-in-law Brad gave us another peek at Baby Scheffers at his OB-GYN office. Now baby has feet!!!
Today we had our 12 week visit with the doctor, where we got to see that Baby now has official arms, legs, and even fingers. Very fun :)
So here we are, 12 weeks in, feeling terrible, but thrilled to pieces! The question now is, how to make sense of this? Dare we call this a miracle? Do we call it modern medicine that actually is effective, even when the specialists were not optimistic? Or do we call it doctors who simply overreacted to a situation that was never as dire as they predicted? I'm reminded of a post I made a long time ago about miracles. We always look for a way to explain it when unexpected things happen. It's easier for our minds I think.

But I prefer to believe that this was a miracle.
God chose to intervene when all other doors were closed. Maybe He just wanted to remind us that HE is the real giver of life.

Now, I know that He doesn't always intervene. And sometimes even when He does give, He still takes away. But for today, we will rejoice in the gift, and give the credit where credit is due- no offense to my fabulous REI dr. :)


EB said...

LOVE this post, and your take on miracles. We are so glad for yours. :)

Transplant said...

I'll take the Miracle behind Door Number One!

Katie said...

Congrats again! (And you better change the subtitle to your blog... QUICK!)

Kara said...

I commented on facebook too, but this deserves a double comment! I'm so excited for you, Michelle, even though I didn't know the struggle it took for you guys to get here. And again, I love everything you said about miracles- because you're right, sometimes He doesn't intervene & sometimes He does. Sometimes He gives and sometimes He takes away. But since we know that every good and perfect comes from above, its a miracle even when there are logical explanations too. Shiloh believes that God often works in very logical, organized ways (well, I'm sure its always logical and organized to Him!) but sometimes we choose not to see it that way. However, I think there is nothing logical or ordinary about carrying and giving birth to a baby, so enjoy every moment of the miracle (even the kinda icky ones!)

Aaron said...

Congratulations again guys. I just noticed your tag line at the top might need to be changed to "you will find info about precious babies and world travels since you are doing both real soon.

joven said...

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